Articles and Writings

When I'm not drawing comics about chronic illnesses, I'm still writing about them. Here you'll find examples of some of my writing, published across the 'net.

Articles and Writings

Mighty Articles

The Mighty is an online publication that features stories about chronic illnesses and disabilities, written by patients and caregivers. I've written a few articles that have been published there, as well as taking over their Instagram for a day.

Finding Life's Silver Sun

A friend of mine asked if I would write about my experiences with autism, and how my experiences as an undiagnosed autistic kid have influenced me as an adult. You can find a few of my autism-related comics there, too.

Fight Like a Warrior

I wrote a guest blog post for the organization Fight Like A Warrior about my journey to a POTS diagnosis--and how that diagnosis led me to draw comics! 

I also wrote a book

I've written a lot of things, one of which happens to be a middle grade magical realism novel that I'm currently querying. I'm so proud of this story, and I can't wait until the day that you can read it, too. For now, you can read about my writing process on Instagram.