Animations and Videos

I've always enjoyed telling stories in movie-form, and animating is one of the ways I've been able to do that! With a lot of patience and some help from technology, I've been able to animate everything from my comics to individual short stories to stick-figure versions of Biblical figures. You'll find different playlists linked below--and as a bonus, there's a bit of public speaking, too. 

Animations + Videos

Animated Comics


Here, you'll find a few of my informational comics in animated form! Some of them contain narration by yours truly. 

Holiday Animations


Christmas can be a difficult time for chronic illness patients, so I created a few animations to help others navigate the holiday season! least get a little giggle out of them...

Short Stories


These animations are some of my earliest attempts at animating, and they  tell individual  stories about a super-powered POTS patient and a rather unfortunate ghost.

Bible Stories


Last year, for the Awana program at my church, I animated the story of Moses. Stay tuned for the story of Esther!

Public Speaking


I've done some public speaking over the years, but so far only one has actually been recorded. You'll find it here--and I hope you'll find with it some encouragement.